Addressing your individual condition:


On our first meeting, I will start by asking you some question about your general state of health, your lifestyle, and I will study your ayurvedic constitution.

I will then guide you through a sequence of asanas that will allow me to observe (without any judgment) your body and the way you move.

I will then work (until our second session) on designing a specific program according to your needs, this will include:


  • General lifestyle recommendations (diet, sleep, schedule, work, hobbies, environment, free time and other).
  • Practice of the postures: The asana sequence will be our main therapeutic tool. It will be designed to suit your needs (according to your lifestyle, your ayurvedic constitution, the current imbalances and ailments, your personal objectives and your availability for the Yoga practice).
  • Pranayama: adapted and gentle breathing techniques (energizing, soothing, cooling, warming, balancing…).
  • Meditation: adapted meditation techniques (visualization, meditation with external object, mindfulness …).
  • Relaxation (guided savasana, stress release techniques and more).

Yoga Therapy sessions are one on one classes only.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.