The technique of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage was developed in the early 80’s by Master Kusum Modak who was a student of the Yoga Master BKS Iyengar.


Kusum created a holistic bodywork inspired from her Yoga practice and her experience of a traditional therapeutic massage technique, which she studied with an expert sage in Pune (India).


The original method of AYM-ARYM combines Deep Tissue Massage and Yoga based stretching Therapies.


One of the main tools of this massage is the Calamus Powder, a herb with ayurvedic properties that suits all body types ((Doshas), which is mixed with organic oil to create a gentle scrubbing and heating effect that allows the toxins to be removed from the body.


The massage is given on a mattress, on the floor, and the therapist moves around the body of the receiver, using hands and feet as well as body weight.


When I give a treatment, I adapt the technique to the person receiving, and I work also intuitively.


The massage can be deep but also very gentle according to your needs and feelings as well as your on going state of health.


I don’t practice the deep stretches techniques, as I prefer to relax the soft tissues and the mental state of the receiver.

( deep stretching can be practiced in the Yoga class, where we develop awareness of our own body, and learn to take responsibility in finding our limits as well as what can be most beneficial. For instance, if you are very flexible, you might not need to put the emphasis on stretching!).


The treatments I give work together with The Yoga practice:

Harmonizing the vital force (Prana) in the body and the mind, breaking compensatory patterns, promoting circulation of the body’s fluids and elimination of the toxins, releasing both physical and mental tensions, opening, calming, and relaxing on all levels.


Even though touch is healing and beneficial to most of us, there are a few cases where massage is not recommended:

  • If skin rashes, cuts, infections or skin diseases are present.
  • If fractures or broken bones are suspected.
  • If a serious blood circulation problem is experienced (thrombosis, phlebitis…).
  • If suffering from fever.

Before booking for a treatment, make sure you tell me if you have any special condition.

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