« Yoga is grace under pressure »*


I experience Yoga as a journey back home, as a path towards ‘involution’.


Yoga is a sophisticated knowledge system giving us key tools to embark on a journey inward, and to find more balance in our lives.


The asana practice (the postures) which is a part of this system, is a great way to start experiencing Yoga.


The practice is starting in the here and now, exactly where you are.


On the mat, we learn to move the body with awareness and care.


Practicing postures allows us to get in touch with ourselves, to feel various bodily layers and to release tension, opening the body’s full potential and acknowledging it’s limitations: constantly adapting.


Through Yoga, the breath becomes the master, the one that initiates movement and stays in rythm when the body experiences stillness.


The breath teaches us to back off a little, when it becomes shallow, when we favour the shape of the posture or because of excessive speed.


The aim of the asana practice is to work towards removing physical blockages.


« A knot is nothing more than a self-interfering pattern »*


Breathing into each movement, developing balance and alignment in the postures, nourishes the body so it can grow strong and open gently. The energy will flow again where it was once stagnant.

Being present to the breath is becoming one pointed, creating an undivided attention, melting with the now. This is the space where the mind becomes still.


Acknowledging your current state of body and mind as well as your fundamental needs is essential to build a healing and nurturing Yoga practice in the long term: moving towards not only what you want but mostly what you need.


*quotes: Rose Baudin, Yoga teacher, Philosophy teacher.